From Monday 30th May, AM18 Butterfly bus for PHS / PPS / St Anthony’s will travel into east Tahmoor (Progress St, Abelia St, Moorland Rd, The Acres Way, River Rd). The change will be as follows;

  • 8:29 (R) Progress St, (L) Abelia St, (L) Tahmoor Rd, (R) Moorland Rd, (R) Myrtle Creek Ave, (L) Moorland Rd, (R) River Rd, (L) The Acres Way, (R) River Rd, (R) Remembrance Drive
  • 8:48 Picton High School
  • 8:48 (R) Remembrance Drive – Argyle St, (R) Margaret
  • 8:55 St Anthonys School
  • 8:56 (L) Argyle St
  • 8:58 Picton Public School

From Monday 30th May, AM18 Butterfly bus for PPS and St Anthony’s will no longer travel along Barkers Lodge Rd and into Nangarin Estate.

Students travelling to Picton Public School and St Anthony’s School will now be required to catch AM23 Dog bus as follows;

  • 8:18 (L) Barkers Lodge Rd
  • 8:22 (R) The Vintage – U-Turn at Roundabout – continue The Vintage, (R) Barkers Lodge Rd

Then via Abbotsford Rd

  • 8:50 St Anthonys School
  • 8:51 (L) Argyle St
  • 8:54 Picton Public School


We are pleased to introduce this improvement to the service which will reduce the walk and ensure the safety of the students residing in east Tahmoor and The Acres estate.

For any further information please contact the office – 4677 1564.