From Monday 30th May, AM18 Butterfly bus for WAC will no longer travel into west Tahmoor (Thirlmere Way, Castlereagh St, Market St, Milne St and Park St).

Students residing in this area will now catch the AM 14 Elephant bus as follows;

  • 7:40 (L) Nattai St, (L) Byron, (R) Bronzewing St, (L) Pitt St, (L) King St, (L) Castlereagh St, (R) Market St, (R) Milne St, (R) Park St, (R) Castlereagh St, (L) Thirlmere Way, (R) Remembrance Dr, (R) Wollondilly Anglican School
  • 7:55 Wollondilly Anglican College


From Monday 30th May, AM18 Butterfly bus will travel into east Tahmoor (River Rd, The Acres Way, Moorland Rd, Abelia St & Progress St). The change will be as follows;

  • 7:29 (L) River Rd, continue (L) River Rd, (L) The Acres Way, (R) River Rd, (L) Moorland Rd, (R) Myrtle Creek Rd, (L) Moorland Rd, (L) Tahmoor Rd, (R) Abelia St, (R) Progress St,
  • 7:44 (L) Remembrance Dr
  • 7:49 Wollondilly Anglican College


STUDENTS CURRENTLY CATHING AM18 Butterfly ON REMEMBRANCE DRIVEWAY now have a choice of catching the service above OR remain on Remembrance Drive and catch Berrima Buslines AM10 Zebra (approx. 7:43am).


We are pleased to introduce this improvement to the service which will reduce the walk and ensure the safety of the students residing in east Tahmoor and The Acres estate.

For any further information please contact the office – 4677 1564.