Welcome back to all of our school children in the Wollondilly area.

Our number one priority at Picton Buslines is the safety of the community, in particular school children. With the new school year now upon us, here are some timely safety tips for you and your children to keep in mind whilst on and around buses.

1. Always meet your child AT the bus stop. NEVER wait on the opposite side of the road and call them across.

2. Always supervise your child and hold their hand when walking to and from the bus stop or interchange and when crossing the road until they are at least 10.

3. For bus users, wait until the bus has gone then use a safe place to cross the road.

4. Encourage your child to take a seat quickly when they get on the bus and to buckle up if the bus has seatbelts. Remind them to remain buckled up until they reach their destination.

5. School bus lights flash on the front and back of a bus when the bus is picking up or setting down school children. A 40km/h speed limit applies when bus lights flash. The speed limit is for all traffic travelling in the same direction as the bus, whether the bus is stationary or moving.

We ask for all of the community to work together to make school bus travel as comfortable and safe for all the children.

If you have any questions or queries, please contact us on 02 4677 1564 for assistance.