From Monday 9th May, PM25 Elk bus will extend the service into Greenbridge Estate and Fairway Drive, to the last roundabout and return. The details as follows;

  • 3:07 Wilton Shops – Camden St
  • 3:07 Camden St, (L) Campsie St, (L) Broughton St, (R) Hornby St – Oxenbridge Rd,
  • 3:10 (R) Beatty Street, (R) Greenbridge Dr – Stringybark Dr,
  • 3:12 (R) Ingleton Cct (2nd) continue down Ingleton Cct full loop
  • 3:16 (R) Stringybark Dr – Greenbridge Dr – Fairway Dr
  • 3:18 Fairway Dr (Stirling Dr) – continue to end Fairway Dr roundabout
  • 3:23 Fairway Dr roundabout continue back up Fairway Dr – Greenbridge Dr,
  • 3:30 Wilton Public School

The drop off stops in Greenbridge Estate will be as follows;

1. Bus shelter in Greenbridge Dr at playground (before Maloney Chase)

2. Bus shelter In Stringybark Dr before Ingleton Cct

3. Cracknell Street opposite McGregor Street – (temporary)

4. Ingleton Cct before Stringybark Dr

5. Bus shelter in Stringybark Dr before Shearer Drive

6. Bus shelter in Greenbridge Dr opposite playground (after Maloney Chase)

7. Bingara Shops

The drop off stops in Fairway Drive will be as follows;

1. Bus shelter after Stirling Drive roundabout

2. Bus stop opposite Ambrose Drive

3. Bus shelter before roundabout at end Fairway Drive

Returning up Fairway Drive

4. Bus shelter after roundabout at end of Fairway Drive

5. Bus stop after corner of Ambrose Drive

6. Bus shelter before Kirkwood Chase roundabout

7. Bus stop opposite Sutton Crescent

8. Pembroke Pde opposite Sales Centre

We hope that this extension provides additional convenience to those students residing in Bingara Estate.

For any further information please contact the office – 4677 1564.